Fundraising Options

Watch these 2 quick videos to learn what EcoLife is all about.

Your school or organization wants to make money, but also make a difference.
We understand, and we’ve got some cool options for ya.


Like the traditional “candy bar” method, you can purchase eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes (laser etching with your organization’s name available), and make a 100% markup with each sale. These can be purchased by the hundred. For quantities of 5,000 and up, your profit markup can even be higher than that! The brushes are made by WooBamboo, an inspirational company providing eco-awesome oral care products in over 53 countries world-wide.
Bamboo’s hot. Plastic’s NOT.

Interested in this one? Awesome.


This option breaks the mold! Utilizing the power of social media, each student (or group member) gets a unique URL to, a website featuring a host of eco products families will love! This URL can be shared on facebook, twitter, instagram, or emailed to friends and family. Up to 35% of anything purchased using that URL goes toward that school or organization, tracked in real time! Its as simple as online shopping, and all the products are super cool and eco-friendly!

Like this one? Great!


If you’re a charity, this one’s for you!
It’s a simplified version of option #2. Since you don’t have students competing with sales, you only need a single custom URL. It would be set up as “”. Email it out in a newsletter, post it, or print it! All online sales would funnel through that URL, with up to 35% of anything purchased going toward your charity or organization! Its as simple as online shopping, and all the products are super cool and eco-friendly!

Maybe this one’s for you. Sweet!

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